Creating a Page

1. Click on the LOGIN/REGISTER menu link and create a free account

2. Click on the CREATE A RECORD menu link and create and save your page

3. Click on the shopping cart and purchase your page

Below in helpful information for completing each of the data sections on your page.

This section is self-explanatory. However, here are some notes that might prove helpful.

Born and Died fields -

Only the year is required. Also, if you are not sure of the date check the Approximation Only box.

Is this person living field -

This field allows a living person to create their own page (who knows more about us than us). Checking the Yes box reveals the My wishes upon my passing field. In this new field you have unlimited space to record your last wishes. This space can also be used for information such as your executor’s contact information, funeral arrangements, where important papers are stored, what happens to your pets, who gets what and so on.