QR Codes Keep a Loved One's Memory Alive

Your Loved One Becomes More Than a Name - Now They Have a Voice

Imagine the excitement of a grandchild learning about a grandparent's or great-grandparent's life just by scanning a QR code on a relative's headstone using their smartphone! Or by scanning a QR code in a letter or on a celebration of life document. Every life story created on this website receives a free QR code suitable for printing on a document or web page. Metal copies of the QR code suitable for use on headstones, can be purchased separately.

These headstone QR codes are an easy way to connect family and visitors to the memorial of a lost loved one. The codes are placed directly on the monument and link to a personalized Family Story Library web page. 

When someone walks by the headstone, they can scan the QR code with their smartphone. The QR code connects them to a Family Story Library page created for that person. Visitors may see photos, videos, documents, journal entries, audio clips, or a biography of the person who lies in the grave before them. All information on these QR codes has privacy settings, so personal memories can be kept confidential or only viewable by family. Future generations can learn about the lives of their descendants while standing at their graveside.

QR Codes create a living memorial

Certainly, QR codes can be placed on various items to promote the memory of a departed loved one. Here are some thoughtful suggestions:

  • Tombstones or Grave Markers: Attach a QR code to the tombstone or grave marker. When scanned, it will lead to their Family Story Library page where visitors can learn about this wonderful person.

  • Memorial Cards or Programs: Include a QR code on memorial cards or funeral programs. Attendees can scan it to access additional content, such as photos, videos, or tributes.

  • Memorial Plaques: If there’s a memorial plaque in a park, garden, or public space dedicated to your loved one, consider adding a QR code. It can link to their life story or a memorial website.

  • Customized Jewelry: Create jewelry (such as a granddaughter's bracelet) with a QR code engraved. Wearers can scan it to access memories or messages related to their loved ones.

  • Photo Frames: Place a QR code on the front or back of a photo frame containing a picture of your loved one. When family and friends visit, they can scan it for additional content.

  • Urns or Keepsake Boxes: Attach a QR code to the urn or keepsake box containing ashes or mementos. It can lead to a virtual memorial space.

  • Greeting Cards: Design custom sympathy cards with a QR code inside. Recipients can scan it to access a tribute video or written memories.

  • Social Media Profiles: Update the social media profiles of the departed with a QR code in the bio. When friends and followers scan it, they’ll be directed to their Family Story Library page.

  • Photo Albums: Place the QR code on the front or inside of the album to create a living memorial.

  • Emails, Letters, and Websites: There are endless possibilities to provide quick and easy access to a loved one's memories.

Personal QR codes are an easy and permanent way to ensure a loved one's life is known to future generations and not forgotten.