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Scattered ashes - preserve their location

scattered ashes location

I love to visit cemeteries. It gives me a feeling of closeness to relatives and loved ones. Cemeteries are a place to sit and reflect on the lives of and the effect family members have had on us being who we are, but what about a loved one's scattered ashes location?

The problem - finding scattered ashes location

Cremation is becoming the preferred alternative. And yes, cremated remains are being buried in cemeteries, but increasingly, cremated remains are being scattered alongside a favorite lake, ocean, camping, or hiking spot.  Unlike remains buried in a cemetery, scattered ashes don't have a street address and seldom, if ever, have a physical marker.

Therein lies the problem.  How will descendants find these cremated remains so they too can sit next to them and thank loved ones for the part they played in their lives? Unless someone creates a GPS record of the location, the location will be lost with time.  Not knowing the location of a family member's final resting place deprives friends, family, and descendants of a place to visit and pay their respects.  It's as if a person's life didn't count, a feeling of being discarded. All of us deserve the courtesy of having the location of our resting place discoverable for descendants who want to pay their respects. 

The solution - scattered ashes location GPS

This website empowers you to create a forever GPS map marker, identifying the exact location of one's scattered ashes and you can choose to make the location public or private. Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, descendants will find Google navigation to their ancestors' final resting places, whether it be alongside a hiking trail, lakeshore, or sandy beach. This forever location will ensure that now and in the future, those wanting to spend time with at an ancestor's final resting place can do so, and more importantly, loved ones will not be forgotten.

Google Navigation

scattered ashes location

Real time navigation with smartphone, tablet or computer

Multiple Locations

scattered ashes location

Ashes scattered in multiple locations on one map