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Family Life Stories receive a QR code so a smartphone camera can bring a loved one's life to life

Includes 24 QR stickers

Even After We are Gone, Our Life Stories Can Help Others

Our life experiences can give meaning, hope, and direction to the lives of others.

No one's life story is trivial!

Our stories help shape the lives of others 

Life stories can:

  • Be inspirational 

  • Provide comfort during difficult times 

  • Provide answers to health concerns 

  • Provide a sense of family 

  • Build confidence 

  • Be part of a healing process 

Without a life story, we become a name and two dates

Now imagine being able to stand at a person's final home enjoying and appreciating the life they lead.  At Family Story Library, life stories are as close as one's smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Your Forever Story can Include







Places Lived

Hobbies and Interest

Natural Abilities

Health Issues

Directions to final resting place

Life Story Details can be

Private or Public

Any or all of your data can be private or public.  Private pieces of data can be viewed only at your invitation. You can also allow specific people to edit specific data pieces.

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QR Codes - More Than a Name

Imagine the excitement of a grandchild learning about a grandparent's or great-grandparent's life just by scanning a QR code on a relative's headstone using their smartphone!  Or by scanning a QR code in a letter or on a celebration of life document.

Every life story created on this website receives a free QR code.

life story

"I hear great-great-grandmother's voice!!"

Add Audio Recordings

Imagine the children's excitement hearing their great-great-grandparents' voices and learning about their lives!

Hearing the voice of a loved one or a relative we never met can be a comforting and experience!

My Life - My Story

We provide a step-by-step, easy-to-use tool so that you can create a beautiful, informative, and permanent account of your life's experiences to be enjoyed and appreciated by today's family and family to come.

life story

Create a personal story page for a loved one 

Ancestors'  life experiences are invaluable to their descendants. Learning about their ancestors' life experiences gives descendants a broader sense of family, a better understanding of who we are, and helpful health history.

Don't let a person's contributions to the family be forgotten!

Don't let your life experience and those of your loved ones be lost forever. A personal webpage of one’s journey is forever, unlike paper records that get lost, misplaced, or ends up in estate sales. This website is a permanent registry containing the important details of ones' lives; a place where the departed can live forever; a place where future generations can discover their ancestors; a place to find directions to final resting places including those for scattered ashes. 

All of us want to know the kind of person our ancestors were

Some of our most rewarding and comforting experiences come from revisiting the lives of family members and friends we've known and discovering the lives of people we never knew.

Only we can leave this priceless information for our descendants. Our story and those of our loved ones are invaluable for shaping and perhaps even saving a descendant's life. Descendants want us to be part of their lives.

Now, you can create a permanent easy-to-find interactive life story for you and your loved ones, so that descendants can benefit from your experience and enjoy the comfort of knowing where they came from.

Pets Are Important Too

Tell the world about your pet! They have brought you great happiness, let their story bring happiness to others.

Start today recording your new pet's journey

A fun and rewarding activity! Record your new pet's journey throughout its life. Each day you, your family, and friends can enjoy new happenings in your pet's journey. In later years, you can relive all of the fond times you had with your pet.

Preserve a Late Pet's Story

Recording a pet's journey is the perfect way to show how important their life is to us and relive the wonderful moment they brought us.

The Comfort of Having Their Memory Close

Their memory is always as close as your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

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